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Marksmanship and Accuracy


One of the most important parts of owning and using a firearm is learning how to properly handle the firearm, and learning all of the safety requirements.  In addition to that is learning how to properly use the firearm to hit the targets presented to us.  We excel at teaching students at all levels how to increase their skills with a firearm.

Skills and Knowledge


We are here to teach you the Skills and Knowledge necessary to use your firearm properly, safely, and correctly so that you enjoy shooting, and can pass that enjoyment on to others.  Let us train you.

Practice Makes Perfect


 Learning how to use the firearm properly and safely is just the beginning.  Now that you have these skills, you need to practice practice practice to make sure that you continually get better, or at least maintain those skills.   Shooting is a perishable skill and without that practice everyone's skills will deteriorate.

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